Kyle Busch Gets Record-Breaking Penalty

After his car failed post-race inspection Saturday at the Pocono Raceway, Kyle Busch had levied against him a record-setting penalty.

Busch and his team were docked six points in the owners’ and drivers’ standings, marking the single lowest points penalty in NASCAR history.

It was ruled that Busch’s left-front was 1/16 inches lower than tolerance. Last September, Clint Bowyer was docked 150 points after his car was deemed to be off by the roughly the same amount on the left-rear at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Under the new points system, Busch’s 6-point penalty is the equivalent to anywhere from an 18-30 point penalty under the old system, still well under what Bowyer was penalized.

Now, about the exact amount of the penalty: Six points? Six? Seriously? What, are we in kindergarten? We can’t make it five or ten? Every penalty in the history of NASCAR prior to this one has had a docking of points that was divisible by five so that we could keep it simple and somewhat sane. Where in the world did they come up with the number six?

I figured if there would ever be a points penalty that wasn’t divisible by five, it would at least be 48. Because NASCAR was founded in 1948, of course. Not for any other particular reason.

My only guess is that perhaps NASCAR felt that five was too slap-on-the-wrist-ish and that ten, for whatever reason, was too harsh. So they decided to compromise, and in the end came up with a silly, inexplicable number.

A history-making, record-breaking, big, fat, ugly “6”.

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