SCS Now Apart of NASCAR Media as Media Outlet

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you, the readers, that Stock Car Spin is now accredited by NASCAR as a member of the media.  I know what your thinking….  “You’ve been part of the media for NASCAR already just by blogging about NASCAR”.  Not necessarily.

We blog about NASCAR, but we do it for informational and entertainment purposes basically.   Now, we are officially recognized BY NASCAR.  We now have access to press releases, videos, etc.  We also have opportunities to do teleconferences with drivers.  That is pretty cool.

Here is how our affiliation to NASCAR Media benefits you.

1.) More Coverage: With our affiliation with NASCAR Media, we get access to every press release that is sent by NASCAR.  In turn, we are able to give you a better sense of what is happening in NASCAR.

2.) Driver Interviews:  As I said, we at Stock Car Spin have the opportunity to do driver teleconferences with drivers like Dale Jr, Jimmie Johnson, and many other Sprint Cup Series drivers  This is something that I think we’ve never had this opportunity before in the blog’s history.

3.) Videos/Photos: SCS will be able to add videos, and photos from that race weekend into previews, post-race reports, and other articles.  This will make our articles even better. 

I want to personally thank Zach, and the Fansided team for allowing me the opportunity to register Stock Car Spin as a media outlet for NASCAR Media.  Without their consent, I don’t know if I would be able to give the readers of SCS the best coverage I can give.  But with NASCAR Media, I can.   I also want to send my sincere thanks to NASCAR and their Media Relations team for approving/accrediting  Stock Car Spin.  We here at SCS stride to give you more coverage, and with NASCAR Media, we are now going to give you more coverage. 


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