NASCAR's Stance on Returning to Pack Racing Shows Is A Great Thing

The two-car tandems that we have come to know in the sport are one of the biggest aspects of the sport that fans have disliked the most over the past several years.  I have certainly hated them as well.  Drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr have also voiced out against the two-car tandems.  However, the 2012 Daytona 500 is going to be more like this past seasons Daytona 500.  Despite that, NASCAR is committed to finding ways for the sport to return to pack-racing, in which the many fans of this sport have come to know and love.

I read this article today by Jeff Gluck, the motorsports editor for SB Nation, who wrote that NASCAR is looking to return to pack racing as the sport is concerned with the quality of plate-racing.   Gluck basically said in the article that “there is hope that we can return to the old school style of plate racing.  However, NASCAR can only do so much to fix that”.

Jeff really brings up a great point, in which I agree.  Even though NASCAR is looking to return to the old-school style of pack racing, they can only do so much as to getting back to the old way of plate racing.  I think that its great that NASCAR is committed to get the sport back to where it was before 2010, and to me it really shows how great the sport is, as far as fan and driver feedback goes.  They really listen to the fans, and they care about what the fans have to say.   As Junior says in the Nationwide Series commercial about the fans, “without the fans, there would be no NASCAR”.

What do you think?

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