Kyle Busch Suspended for Nationwide/Cup Series Races at Texas Motor Speedway

Last night’s Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway was running normally as usual early.  However, a certain level of contact between Kyle Busch, and Ron Hornaday brought the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series into the mainstream spotlight, and brought us something new to talk about in the always fascinating sport of NASCAR.

The incident occured on Lap 14.  To see what happened for youself, you can check out the YouTube video below.

After the race, Busch was told of the penalty 20 minutes before NASCAR President Mike Helton announced the penalty for Busch. “The fact that we took this step speaks of the severity of the topic.  We understand the ripple effect to this type of move. But we take our responsibility very serious about maintaining control of the event.”

Whats a Stock Car Spin article without reactions?  Here is mine.

This wreck not only cost Kyle Busch his weekend, this also cost Ron Hornaday any shot at the Camping World Truck Series championship.   NASCAR did the right thing here by parking Kyle Busch for the weekend.   I can understand how upset Ron Hornaday was.  And he has every wreck.  However, both drivers are, in my opinion, at fault for this.

First, its the beginning of the race, and you need to be racing hard?   Second, racing hard and running 3-wide with a lapped-down truck will only signal bad things for you, and the other guy you are racing.  Thats exactly what happened with Hornaday and Busch.

As a fan of the sport, I was actually gaining respect for Kyle Busch.  He looked as though he was actually a calmer Kyle Busch.  After what happened last night, I just lost that very “small” piece of respect that I had for Kyle Busch.

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