Graph of our site visits from October 1st to today November 12th.

A Sincere, and Personal Thank You....

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to take over Stock Car Spin was because the Fansided Blog Network has not had a NASCAR blog running in over three months (since i took over on October 1st), and my goal with the blog was to revive it, and turn it back into a great NASCAR blog.  With the help of Kristin Weaver (NASCARKrissy), and our plan of content for you, the readers, I am pleased to announce that since the relaunch of Stock Car Spin, we have gained over 10,000 hits on our site.

This graph above (which you can click to view it in the original size) was our site hits from October 1st (which was when i first relaunched the blog) through today, November 12th.  On November 6th, we received our highest peak of views with 1,364.  I wonder if Kyle Busch had anything to do with that LOL.  Anyways, let me share with you some more information on Stock Car Spin’s relaunch stats.

The following is the latest information that I’ve obtained from Google Analytics that I’ve found from October 1st, to today.

  • Stock Car Spin had 14,172 site hits/visits (which was over the 10,000 make i said earlier)
  • Stock Car Spin had 18,773 page visits
  • Stock Car Spin also had 91% of readers that were new to our blog
  • Internationally, we had 1,603 people visit our blog

Because of you, the readers, you’ve helped rebuild Stock Car Spin from what it was before I joined on.  And for that, I want to personally, and sincerely thank you.  You guys are what keeps this site going.  I could not believe how many people have visited us over the span of 1 month, and 12 days.  I sincerely thank you for your support of the blog, and I hope that you guys come back for more during the off-season, and for the 2012 season.

I also want to personally thank my partner, Kristin Weaver (or NASCARKrissy).  Without her help, we would not be able to cover the other 2 major forms of NASCAR racing (the Camping World Trucks, and the Nationwide Series).   She also covered for me when I had a family emergency over 3 weeks ago.  Because of that, I sincerely thank you Kristin for helping me revive Stock Car Spin.  Without you, I don’t know where we would be at this point.  You’ve been a great help.

Again, I want to personally thank you the readers for your support of the blog, and for your visits.  I promise that we will bring you even better content in the future, so we hope you stick around.  :)

Thank you!

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