Jimmie Johnson's Run At 6 Consecutive Championships Gone, But Won't Be Forgotten

After posting a 14th place finish last Sunday at the Kobalt Tools 500, Jimmie Johnson’s run towards a 6th consecutive Sprint Cup Title was officially over.  Despite the fact that we will see a guy winning the Cup thats not named Jimmie Johnson, one things for sure.  Johnson’s reign of 5 consecutive championships will never be forgotten.  Jimmie Johnson not only solidifies his place in NASCAR History, but he also cements himself with some of NASCAR’s greatest drivers.

I think we will not see this happen again for a very long time.  We just don’t see someone come into the sport, dominate the way Jimmie Johnson has, and in half a decade, win 5 consecutive Sprint Cup championships.  We just don’t see that happen.  It feels like its a once in a lifetime thing.   We as fans of the sport should be very fortunate to see such as feat happen in NASCAR racing, because its something that just doesn’t happen one year, and breed into titles the next four years.

Your thoughts?

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