Poll: Was NASCAR's Punishment of Kyle Busch Fair or Not?

For this week’s poll question, I asked whether NASCAR’s punishment of Kyle Busch was fair, or not?

I asked this question mainly because it was the most popular topic in NASCAR last week.  I love hearing opinions from both you, the readers, and others that are involved with NASCAR as a media personality.

The votes from this week’s poll don’t surprise me at the least.

  • No, It should have been more harsh. (72%, 21 Votes)
  • Yes, It was! (28%, 8 Votes)

With a total of 28 votes, you guys said that Kyle Busch’s punishment should have been more harsh from NASCAR.  I am kindof on the fence with the whole punishment situation, but if I had to choose sides, I believe that NASCAR’s punishment was indeed fair.  Now I know you guys will have that “HUH” kindof reaction, but in all honesty it was fair.

I think it was fair because of the fact that MARS took the sponsorship away from Joe Gibbs Racing, Gibbs would lose quite abit of money for just two races.  As we all know, M&M’s is Joe Gibb’s biggest paying sponsors.   I believe we all know that when an owner loses money because of a stupidity stunt from one of his drivers, I’m sure he will take action.  No one knows what kind of punishment Kyle will receive from Joe Gibbs, but I am sure its going to be one big punishment from the boss.

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