Report: Brad Keselowski fined for EFI comments

Brad Keselowski or NASCAR would neither confirm nor deny an Associated Press report that the No. 2 Miller Lite driver had been fined $25,000 for critical comments he made about NASCAR’s switch to fuel injection.

Ryan Newman and Denny Hamlin were fined in 2010(Hamlin for comments he posted on Twitter about cautions and Newman for comments about Talladega) and Newman was fined earlier this season for allegedly punching Juan Pablo Montoya in the NASCAR hauler after the spring Richmond race.  While it hasn’t anounced the fines, the drivers have confirmed they were fined.

The money from both drivers fines went into the NASCAR Foundation.

Last week, during an appearance at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Keselowski called NASCAR’s move to fuel injection in 2012 “a disaster” and said that he doesn’t “see where the fans get anything from it.”

NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp said in a statement “We did talk to Brad following his recent comments that were highly critical of the series moving to electronic fuel injection next season. We made it clear to him that these kind of comments are detrimental to the sport and we handled it accordingly with him.”

NASCAR is moving to fuel injection to be more like passenger cars and it is expected to be more fuel efficient than a carburetor system. Keselowski has tested the Penske Racing system and wasn’t impressed.

“We’re not doing this because it’s better for the sport or better for the teams – I don’t even really think we’re going to save any gas,” Keselowski said last week. “It’s the media circus, trying to make you guys happy so you write good stories.

“It gives [NASCAR] something to promote, absolutely. And we’re always looking for something to promote. But the honest answer is it does nothing for the sport other than to cost the team owners money.”

What do you think NASCAR fans? Should Keselowski received a fine for voicing his opinion or did NASCAR do the right thin? Let your voice be heard.

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