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All NASCAR Wants for Christmas


Thanksgiving is over and the madness that is Black Friday is in the books. The 2011 holiday season is upon us. Stock Car Spin called in some favors with Santa and we were able to get our hands on some letters  to Santa from the NASCAR drivers, crews, and owners. Wonder what they are asking for this year? Sit back, grab an ice cold glass of milk and a cookie, because this is going to be good.

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Dear Santa,
WOW! Thanks for giving me what I wanted last year. Steve LeTarte was a great addition to the No. 88 AMP/National Guard Chevrolet.  I’d really like to win a race next season and possibly a championship. It’s been a long time for me and my fans. Also, Karysn and Kennedy say thanks for the baby brother they are getting in February.
Thanks Big Man,
Little E 

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 Dear Santa,
Please don’t be mad at me or my sponsor. FedEx and I are just trying to help you out with delivering Christmas presents throughout the world. We promise to let you do it from now on. With that in mind, could you please send me and the No. 11 shop some new engines.
Denny Hamlin

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 Dear Santa,
I’ll make you a deal, I’ll give you my stash of Red Bull to help you out  if you’ll help me find a competitive ride for the 2012 season. Just don’t let it be with Roush-Fenway Racing or Stewart-HaAs Racing,  I ruined my chances for ever driving for those teams. I can’t go to Hendrick Motorsports because I’ve already been there. I don’t really want to go back to the Nationwide Series since I won a championship there.  I’m counting on you Santa to find me a ride!
Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Brian Vickers 

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Dear Santa,
I know you are a busy man and I have asked for a lot from you regarding my NASCAR teams and Washington Redskins but I could really use some extra help. Our engines at Joe Gibbs Racing aren’t that good and I’m having some issues with a certain driving. Would you like to sponsor the No. 18 in 2012? We can put you and Mrs. Clause on the pit box for the whole season. Think about it!
Joe Gibbs
P.S. A trip to the Super Bowl for my Redskins would be great!

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 Dear Santa,
Man when I said I was tried of flying around the country promoting NASCAR, I was just kidding. I really liked be the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champ. All I want for Christmas is to find my horseshoe so I can be back on top in 2012.
Thanks Santa,
Five-Time Champ Jimmie Johnson

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 Dear Santa,
I’ll trade you some ice cold Buds and Jimmie Johns for a 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship.
Finishing third is getting really old.
-Kevin Harvick

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 Dear Santa,
Another championship! WOOHOO! Not what I asked for in 2011 but I’ll definitely take it.
All I want for Christmas this year is a crew chief that can get the job done from the beginning.
Grubb and I had a great relationship, but it took to long for us to realize we were a
championship caliber team. I hear Steve Addington is free. Work that on that for me big man and we good for another year.  Party in Vegas, BE THERE!
-Tony Stewart

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 Howdy Santa,
Now that I won the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series championship, all I want for Christmas is a sponsor so I can defend my championship in 2012. You think you’re up to the challenge? Hit up Jack Roush and he can give you all the information. Just make sure you tell him its for me and not Bayne.
Thanks Santa, Merry Christmas
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

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 Dear Santa,
Normally I don’t write to you because I think I can handle everything but I could really use your help this year.  All I want for Christmas is to help us make Daytona and Talladega competitive again. The two car tandem doesn’t put money in my back pockets, I mean fans in the seats. Also, if you could maybe hook me up some a pen so I can write the NASCAR rule book offiicially, that would be great. Please don’t tell anyone I wrote this letter.
Brian France

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a ride in the NASCAR series. Maybe you can talk to Roger Penske about letting Kurt Busch go. I’m respectful to my fans, sponsors, and media. See what you can do, please.
David Reutimann 

(The purpose of this article was for comical value, no offense or harm was meant)


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