A Special Thank You Before the Holidays

When I took over the Stock Car Spin Blog, I was just one person.  I had the task of renovating and bring the blog back up after several months of the blog being MIA from the Fansided Network.  After 2 months, and 5 new writers later, the blog has become a great blog again.  I never thought the blog would become as successful as ever before, and it really makes me feel that I did a great job.  However, there are several people/organizations for whom I really need to thank for helping make our blog successful.

1.) Zach and Adam Best:  Zach and Adam Best are the founders/owners of the Fansided Network.  These guys are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of every blog on the network.  I want to thank them both for allowing me back on the network to take over Stock Car Spin.  I promised Zach that I would take the site to a whole new level, and I believe I did just that.  We have a project in the works with a secret group that hopefully we can reveal soon, but these guys are the ones I want to thank for making all of this happen.  I sincerely appreciate the support and backing.  :)

2.) The Stock Car Spin Writers:  After I took over in October, I was the lone man writing for the blog.  After about a week, I virtually talked to great NASCAR writers. One was Kristin Weaver (NASCARKrissy).  She filled out an application, and I accepted her into the blog as a senior staff writer.  After bringing her on, I realized she was one of a kind.  She has become a great asset to the team, and so I thank her personally for the job she has done while I was gone taking care of college-related stuff (Yes I am a college student).  After I brought on Kristin, she helped me in bringing in Heather Lorien and Meghan Crooks.  Then I personally brought in my great friend, Dale Reynolds.   I want to thank them for their contributions this year, and I am looking forward to many more next year.
3.) NASCAR Integrated Media:  NASCAR Integrated Media has been a major help in how we deliver the news, and other content to you.  Around the end of October, we were proud to be recognized by NASCAR as a member of the media.  We had to go through a process, but it ultimately was for the best.  Without them, we would not have the resources necessary to bring you guys the best content possible.   We appreciate their help alot!

4.) Eutechnyx:  Eutechnyx is a video game developer that made NASCAR The Game 2011.   Last month, I had the opportunity to interview and chat with Ed Martin, Eutechnyx’s VP of American Operations, and we had a ball talking about the game, and the future of NTG going forward.  I want to thank the Eutechnyx, and NTG staff (along with Ed Martin) for the support of the blog, as well as allowing us to interview Ed.

5.) Sandbox Strategies:  Sandbox Strategies is Eutechnyx’s PR guys.  They are the people who provided us the review copies of NASCAR The Game 2011, and NASCAR Unleashed.  We appreciate them allowing us to review both NASCAR Titles.  Thanks guys!

6.) iRacing: We interviewed Tony Gardner from iRacing in late October.  He was a great guy to interview with, and he brought upon alot of great answers to my iRacing questions.  Thanks again Tony and the staff at iRacing.

We here at Stock Car Spin want to thank these great people/companies for their time invested in us as we brought you great conent, and we appreciate their support.  Lastly, we want to thank you, the readers.  Without you, we would not have had 30,000 site hits over the span of 3 months.  We appreciate the support as always, and we hope you continue to use SCS as your #1 source for all the latest in the NASCAR universe.

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas)!

Brandon Butler,
Stock Car Spin Lead Blogger/Editor

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