Danica Patrick is Yahoo's 2011 Most Searched Athlete.

The list of the top-ten most searched athletes on Yahoo was released on Monday, and Kris Humphries, the NBA player who had the 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian wasn’t number one. Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, didn’t even make the list as he was unheard of in the NFL world until October.

The most searched was none other than IndyCar driver turned NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick. Although we can only speculate as to the reasons why, such as most men find the female driver extremely sexy, that certainly isn’t the only reason. Tiger Woods and Manny Pacquia, the professional boxer, round out the top three.

Patrick had a strong following for most of the 2011 season, as rumors began to speculate she was leaving IndyCar to head to NASCAR, and finally made the announcement at the end of August that the rumors were true.

Patrick,who was wearing the well-known leather outfit and high heels that she’s seen in for her GoDaddy.com commercials when she stated, “For breaking news that will shock the world, we are excited to finally announce that GoDaddy will be taking me full-time into NASCAR next year. Very exciting. I’m just excited to finally say it.”

At the time of the announcement, Patrick had no idea that her future Sprint Cup boss, Tony Stewart, would come back and win the Sprint Cup. Her NASCAR Nationwide car will be owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s company, JR Motorsports, giving her a lot of strong backing.

Patrick will start out in a limited schedule in the Sprint Cup Series, as of now there are 10 races on her schedule. She’ll make her Sprint Cup debut at the Daytona 500 . She will race full-time in the Nationwide Series next year before moving to Sprint Cup full-time in 2013.

Not only will Patrick’s presence likely put NASCAR into the pubic eye a little more than it already is, there is a good change the driver will again be the most searched athlete at the end of 2012. She’s definitely not one to shrink in the spotlight and if anything, we’ll be hearing about her even more in 2012 than we did in 2011.

Here’s this year’s list:

1. Danica Patrick(NASCAR Driver)
2. Tiger Woods(Golfer)
3. Manny Pacquiao(Boxer)
4. Maria Sharapova(Female Tennis Pro)
5. Serena Williams(Female Tennis Pro)
6. Kris Humphries(NBA and Former Mr. Kardashian)
7. Hope Solo(Soccer star and DWTS)
8. Kobe Bryant(NBA)
9. Lamar Odom(NBA)
10. Caroline Wozniacki(Female Tennis Player)

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