Credit: Eutechnyx, and NASCAR The Game's Facebook Page

Sequel to Eutechnyx's NASCAR The Game Video Game to Be Announced This Month

If you as big of a NASCAR video game fan as I am, I believe that this is going to blow your minds (or atleast make you very happy).

Eutechnyx, the British racing video game developer working on the NASCAR The Game video game, is set to announce the sequel to the award-winning NASCAR The Game 2011 this month. Dave Thompson, Executive Producer on the project, tweeted that the announcement is going to happen this month.

Once the announcement is made, we will be bringing you all the details from that announcement.  We will also have an interview with Neil Courtney, Eutechnyx’s Community Manager, and he will give us the scoop on the new game.   Stay tuned all month to Stock Car Spin for the details on the new game because I am sure you will be very happy with what Eutechnyx has in store.

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