Just when you think you've heard the last about Mayfield

The whole Jeremy Mayfield saga that began with that failed drug test in 2009 just won’t go away. Misplaced soap opera fans as a result of cancellations of such favorites as One Life to Live, All My Children, As the World Turns and the Guiding Light need only turn to regular Mayfield updates for their drama fixes.

This may seem like a comical, and maybe even mean-spirited, jab at a former driver who just happens to hail from my home state of Kentucky. But just think about it for a minute. That initial NASCAR-mandated, random drug test resulted not only in Mayfield being indefinitely suspended from the sport for testing positive for meth, but it set in motion what became somewhat of a daytime drama set in courtrooms in North Carolina. And that’s just when you consider the back and forth between the sanctioning body and the former driver, with NASCAR insisting that its testing process is legit and Mayfield’s sample wasn’t contaminated, while Mayfield contended that the “false positive” was a result of a combination of an allergy medication and another med he was taking for his attention deficit disorder.

Mayfield wouldn’t give up. While claiming that NASCAR was out to get him, he provided drug test results from another lap and made appeal after appeal through the legal system. Then there was the sideshow involving Mayfield and his step-mother. You know, the sideshow that included the step-mother claiming to witness Mayfield indulging in his drug habit and Mayfield retaliating by accusing said step-mother of killing dear old dad.

Last year, the whole Mayfield vs. NASCAR saga got even more interesting when Mayfield’s home was searched by police and stolen items and drugs were found. Mayfield claimed that there was a conspiracy against him by the local police department, which, according to him, was in cahoots with NASCAR.

Apparently, Mayfield’s now in financial dire straits that include home foreclosure. That’s probably due to him losing a high-paying job as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver and then depleting his savings on his new hobby of continually fighting NASCAR in court.

Is this the end of the Mayfield circus? Heck no! Now Mayfield’s pets — pit bulls to be specific — are involved. A postal worker recently won a $1 million suit against Mayfield after being attacked by five pit bulls. Oh yeah, and wife, Shana Mayfield, has recently filed bankruptcy. No wonder.

To date, Mayfield’s downward spiral has included NASCAR suspension, $1 million to a postal worker, losing a home, and charges of drug possession, larceny and stolen goods.

“Winning!!” Okay, maybe not.

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