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So You Think You Want To Be A Race Fan

You’re not sure how it happened, but after catching a race at a Sports Bar or your local Watering Hole, you have decided this sport interests you, and you want to become a fan. You’re into Football, maybe the NBA, and you follow the Braves once in a while, and now you want to follow Nascar, but you’re not sure how to become a real Fan.

Now the first thing that you will probably find out, is there are no home teams. If you went to college at the University Of Florida, chances are you are a Gator Fan, if you live in Dallas, you have to follow the Rangers or Cowboys. The thing with Nascar is, the races are like PGA Events, and race in a different area every weekend.

So the first order of business when you decide you want to become a fan is, you have to have a driver to cheer for. You have be an Earnhardt Fan, a Jimmie Johnson Fan, or some people focus on a race teams and the drivers within that team. Once you have selected your driver, you are going to need a Tee Shirt with that driver and his number emblazoned on the front and back.

I want to caution you at this time! Make sure you spend some time deciding on who your driver will be. Nascar Fans won’t put up with a lot of Bandwagon Jumping, plus if you change drivers for some reason, now you are going to have to buy new gear. This mistake can be costly with the price of memorabilia these days. The only way out from this commitment is when your driver retires or moves on to the Truck Series. If your driver moves to another team during silly season, you will need new stuff.

Your driver is now your driver. This means if he DNF’s, misses the chase, or hits the wall, he or she is your driver. When you are totaly vested, you will have a Ball Cap, Die Cast of his car and probably an autographed poster. I sure hope I haven’t scared you off by now, because we need you.

Just like Stick And Ball Sports, your driver comes with a team. Although he is the face of that team, he has role players who you need to know. As a new fan, you should know at a minimum, your drivers team owner, and crew chief, his sponsors will be all over your new Tee Shirt, making it easier for you to remember. As you become more familiar, you will get to know his tire carrier, jack man and spotter. You will have to do some digging for these names, as they can change without notification.

Now that you have your driver and his team set, you need to learn a whole new jargon. You need to become familiar with terms like Restrictor Plates, bump drafting, loose off, tight on and double file restarts. You can become familiar with this stuff by watching the broadcasts. Larry Mac and Jeff Hammond are always taking you to the cut-away car to show you all aspects while using and/or explaining this new jargon. Be sure to tune in to the Speed Channel where they will be discussing in detail, every aspect of what you are watching.

Last but not least, you need to know who your driver’s arch enemies are. This is helpful in keeping up with the drama that usually surrounds this sport, and more importantly, who you need to boo during races. Don’t worry, you and your buddies can have different drivers and still remain friends, even if your drivers are arch enemies. Nascar fans are the greatest fans in the world. They will share their beer and barbecue with you even if you like JJ and they are Dale Jr. fans.

Oh! One last fact. If you attend a race at your local speedway, your seat is only to be used during caution laps. Standing is required during all races. If this is a problem for you, you will spend your time at the track looking at a picture of  someone else’s favorite drive plastered all over the back of their Tee Shirt.

I have been a Race Fan since 1955, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The rules for being a fan have changed since then, but the object of the game has never changed. I hope you have as much fun being a fan as I have. So come out join the few and the proud. Become a Nascar Fan today.

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