Kurt Busch Suspended for Pocono

NASCAR has suspended 2004 Cup Champion Kurt Busch till June 13th and extended his probation until December 31st. after his comments made toSPEED reporter Bob Pockrass. This suspension will not allow Busch to participate in any NASCAR event held at Pocono Raceway this weekend. Kurt and Justin Allaier got into a little skirmish on the track during the Nationwide Race in Dover. During a post race interview, Kurt talking about his race and the track changes. Bob Pockrass then asked Busch regarding the incident with Allgaier “Did it impact you how you raced Justin, the fact you were on pobation?” Kurt Busch responded saying “”It refrains me from not beating the **** out of you right now, because you ask me stupid questions.”

Kurt has been in hot water in NASCAR after his many rages on the radio to former team owner Roger Penske. He also flashed an obscene gesture at First Lady Michelle Obama’s motor coach and had a outrage with Dr. Jerry Punch that was also caught on video.

In my opinion, Kurt is a great driver. He surely has the talent and skill to compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Obviously being the 2004 cup champion helps solidify this. NASCAR said they suspended him because he violated “actions detrimental to stock car racing; violation of probation; verbal abuse to a media member.” I will agree with Busch that the reporter did ask a stupid question. Every driver, whether they are on probation or not is going to race hard. I am also pretty sure Kurt didn’t want to do anything harmful while being on suspension. He was just racing hard. I don’t condone Busch’s response to the reporter by threatening to beat the him but because Pockrass asked the question, he deserved the answer that he got.

I feel that Kurt got the short end of the stick. At Talladega earlier, Tony Stewart went off on how there wasn’t enough wrecks and there should have been more and that NASCAR should have extended the race because they didn’t fulfill the quota for wrecks. NASCAR just turned their head to his comments. In my opinion, this is a action detrimental to stock car racing. He was making fun of NASCAR about the racing at Talladega. He is also making a mockery about the safety of other drivers by not being in enough wrecks. Jeff Gordon also called out NASCAR for the “phantom caution” that cost him a win at Dover. NASCAR turned their head again. Ask Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman and Kyle Busch how they feel about NASCAR not disciplining them for their comments.


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