Who Are Your Elite Drivers ?

If you listen to Sports Talk as much as I do, you probably have heard the discussions get around to who is considered to be Elite. The most popular use of this term usually comes when talking about NFL Quarterbacks. I have also heard the comparisons in conjunction with popular NBA players, but not so much in Baseball.

You know, In the NFL, of course you have Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees at the top of  everybody’s list. Payton Manning is a mainstay, and now that Eli Manning has won another Super Bowl, he is being whispered about. The discussions always gets heated when you try to ease second tier guys like Tony Romo and Big Ben into the Elite category, but as always, it makes for good conversation and speculation.  You know, it always gives us something to talk about.

I have never heard a discussion on this subject regarding drivers in Nascar’s Sprint Cup Series, and with some soul searching thought I could come up with three or four drivers I would put on that pedestal and consider them to be Elite.

As in other sports, this list would have to only include drivers that are actively competing in races today on a regular basis, and would not include Stars from the past like a Richard Petty or David Pearson.

Drivers in the Elite status should get there based  on their track performance, and not by how many commercials they appear in, or how popular they are with the fans. You know, evaluate them on driving and track skills.

We at Stock Car Spin would like to get your input as fans, so I will put up a Fan Poll where you can vote on some candidates that I feel should be considered to be Elite Drivers. Please take a minute and gives us your opinion. You will be allowed to make three selections.


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