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Kyle Busch on the verge of something special


After a rocky start to the 2012 NASCAR season, Kyle Busch has found his way, and in doing so could be on the verge of something special.

Last week at Dover marked the first DNF of the season for Busch whose last DNF took place at Phoenix last November.

To say Busch has been on a roll as of late might be an understatement.

Prior to Dover, Busch had finishes of 1st (Richmond), 2nd (Talladega), 4th (Darlington), 4th (Charlotte-All Star Race) and 3rd the following week at Charlotte.

Busch also made a stop at Tony Stewart’s Elodra Speedway, this past Wednesday and in Kyle Busch fashion, came out victorious against some of the world’s top drivers.

It makes you think, is there anything this guy cant do?

Fan’s and media members will say yes there is, and that’s the one thing that has eluded Busch to this point in his carer, win a Championship.

Past years have shown us that Busch has the ability to win races (four wins last season), and make the Chase every season.

But when Busch starts the Chase is another story, having never finished higher than higher than fourth.

Last season Busch’s turmoil came full circle when he purposely spun out Ron Hornaday at Texas Motor Speedway during a NASCAR Camping Truck Series event, that saw Hornaday’s chances at a Championship dashed because of Busch’s ignorance.

Thus, beginning an all out assault on Busch and some questioning whether or not he should have lost his ride with Joe Gibbs Racing.

M&M’s (Mars Inc) even pulled out its sponsorship for the last two races of the seasons, citing Busch as a hot head who needed to clean up his act fast, or risk losing one of the top sponsors in NASCAR today.

In the end though, last season was the best thing that could have happened to Busch.

It taught him you can’t take anything for granted no matter how much talent you have, it can be taken away just as fast as it can be given.

Busch made his first good decision of the year when he decided to not run as many races as the seasons before.

Opting to focus on Sprint Cup schedule and his newly formed Kyle Busch Motor sports Nationwide Team, that him and his brother Kurt share the driving duties for.

It’s simple, less racing equals more focus.

Focus that Busch is gonna need to take that championship leap in this years CHASE.

The tools are there, the Crew Chief is there (Dave Rogers), everything appears to be in place.

Now let’s watch the season unfold and see if Busch puts it all together.

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