Ford continues to change its Fusion

When Ford unveiled the 2013 Fusion it expects to field in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series competition next year during the Sprint Media Tour in Charlotte back in January, apparently the design wasn’t completely finished, or Ford decided later to make changes. Because the manufacturer announced on Monday that it would unveil updates to the 2013 racer this weekend during NASCAR festivities at Michigan International Speedway.

While the updates aren’t slated to be unveiled until the weekend, Ford Racing unveiled renderings of the updates on Monday, accompanied by a press release bragging about how these updates make the 2013 Ford Sprint Cup car look even more like its production counerpart.

“Both the race and production Fusions speak the same language,” Ford Design Manager Garen Nicoghosian said.

The updates are pretty much concentrated on the front end of the car, with changes to the grille, hood and headlight area.

In the release from Monday, Nicoghosian went on to describe in detail the changes made to the car that was presented in January.

“We had an opportunity to add more personality and detail to the race car,” Nicoghosian said. “We took advantage of this opportunity and sculpted a more aggressive front end and we added grille bars that are identical in design to the production car. We also added more detail to the fog light housings, and created a more detailed headlight area as well.

“In addition, we also sculpted a more aggressive hood, and were able to achieve a closer look to the production car. Our race car is even closer in design to the production car now, and we are very pleased with the results.”


Graphic provided by Ford Racing

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