Another Snoozer In Kentucky

The most exciting part of Saturday Night’s Quaker State 400 from Kentucky Speedway in Sparta Kentucky, was Kasey Kahne’s charge from a couple of laps down, after an unscheduled pit stop on lap 52 due to a loose tire. If we could have just had one of those infamous late cautions for debris on the track, we might have had a different winner. Kasey put on a charge that came up short because he just ran out of laps.

Now I’ll have to admit, his charge was helped out because most of the drivers close to the front were in fuel management mode, but I would have loved to see a restart with less than ten laps to go, and be able to see if Kasey Kahne could have won. The eventual winner, Brad Keselowski had a strong car, but ran out of Sunoco fuel on his way to Victory Lane.

That’s really kind of sad when the points system dictates a situation where no one wants to gamble on gas, and are afraid to race, because the risk of a DNF or 35th place finish is greater than a victory. Wow!

The problem with 1.5 mile D-Oval tracks with two racing grooves,  14 degree banking, and 43 of the best stock car drivers on the planet, is it usually turns into a fuel management affair. The drivers are too good with that much room on a race track to have crashes that would otherwise let everyone pit before they get low on fuel. So you get a 267 lap snoozer.

I think on this type of track, where if  Nascar insists on running these tracks, should have a rule that if the last geen flag run is too long, they would throw an automatic caution,(call it a competition if you like) with 25 laps remaining, so they can guarantee us the fans, a double file restart with a finish that isn’t dependant on fuel management. Let’s let the best in the business actually race at the end.

The Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide guys are less experienced, and don’t need this help, as they usually create their own cautions towards the end of a race, but not the Cup guys.

The good news is that we are off to Daytona next Saturday night and back to some restrictor plate racing. I can’t wait!

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