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Will Actress Assist NASCAR In Expanding It's Female Fan Base?


In it’s goal to increase a diversified fan base, NASCAR is partnering with well known actress Alyssa Milano on the creation of a clothing line targeted to female race fans.  Milano’s Touch, by Alyssa Milano, “sportswear for women” clothing line will be launching out to female race fans in a couple of weeks.

A famous child actress, Milano first made a name for herself on the long running sitcom Who’s the Boss.  After, Milano starred in a number of continued successful television series like the WB’s Charmed, My Name is Earl and Melrose Place.  Milano is also well known for philanthropy work on behalf of UNICEF and the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control (GNNTDC), an alliance of international partnerships based at the Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington, D.C.

Continuing to pursue her lifelong passions, this avid sports fan began her Touch clothing and jewelry line five years ago to give female sports fans a chance to support their teams without sacrificing fashion or fit.  Since it’s launch, this clothing line has continued to be very popular among female NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA fans.

On Monday night, Milano spent some time with late night show host Jimmy Fallon where she announced the line’s movement into NASCAR.  “It’s so cool to be working the NASCAR,” said Milano.  “This clothing line is one of my proudest accomplishments and now it is moving into the realm of NASCAR and I am so excited!”

Now, the true test is if NASCAR’s growing female fan base will support both NASCAR as well as Milano with this effort.  While this female fan is definitely intrigued, I had to find out what other female fans thought.  One such fan is also a short track driver who not only has a flare for fashion but has also begun to make a name for herself on the short track circuit.  Super Truck Series competitor, Kristen Wallace said that she is so excited about this new clothing launch.

“Many female fans are buying different types of merchandise at NASCAR events and most of the apparel are regular t-shirts that don’t show any type of figure. They’re pretty much made for a male’s body type,” said Wallace.   “Having Alyssa start this new trend up for females is awesome and in my opinion will succeed in the racing community.  Kudos to her!”

Guess it is time for those sweaty male sports fans to move over and make their way for us females to make our mark.  Best luck to Alyssa and I hope that she will team up with a hard charging female driver to represent this brand very soon.




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