NASCAR looks for solutions to passing problem at Charlotte test

A couple of days after Saturday’s Bank of America 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, cars will return to the track for a test on Monday so that NASCAR may work on aerodynamic-related rules changes for 2014.

According to NASCAR, some of the things looked at during Monday’s test will be chassis ride height and drafting scenarios.

The goal of the test is to make changes to the Gen-6 car that made its competition debut at the beginning of this year to allow for more passing. Fans and competitors have complained this season that once cars get mired back in the field, it is often difficult to impossible to pass, despite having faster cars. Lately, especially on mile-and-a-half tracks, about the only opportunities to pass have come on pit road and restarts.

NASCAR, with the help of teams and manufacturers, have already tried to come up with solutions through wind tunnel testing.

– Photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR

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