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The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series concluded on November the 17th, with victory for Jimmie Johnson, marking the sixth time he has come out on top in this tournament. Johnson led the standings for a great deal of the season, although in the end he was pushed close by other drivers, but the thoughts of those keen on NASCAR betting will already have turned to next season’s series. This is certainly true of bookmakers, as odds information is already available for those who want to put down early bets on which driver will taste triumph next November.

Given his win this year, and hugely impressive NASCAR record, the favourite status afforded Johnson again makes sense. He 2/1 odds-on to repeat his win in 2014, with the driver who finished second – Matt Kenseth – at 7/1. Johnson will certainly be a very popular pick for NASCAR bets, because he has both a track record of success and low odds, but it is extremely early to think about gambling on the winner just now – with around six months still to go before the 2014 races begin. There is something to be said for waiting to see what happens with the drivers and the cars before risking your hard earned money betting, with motor racing slots games waiting for you at virtually all of the big online casino sites.

Curiously, one of the most popular with NASCAR fans is Motor Slot Speed Machine at sites like – which is actually based on motor bike racing, rather than cars. Granted, whether you are a fan of the former or NASCAR, a $50,000 top jackpot is going to be a big reason to play the game, while the likes of petrol pumps, tyres and chequered flags on the reels will mean as much to car racing fans. However, it is the combination of high grade exciting graphics, gripping gaming and low betting deposit levels that have made games like this so popular – and if you give them a go, it’s a racing certainty that you’ll be glad.

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