NASCAR changes manufacturer points system

On Wednesday, NASCAR announced changes to the manufacturer points system used to determine the champion manufacturer in its three national series — Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck.

“We have always focused on intensifying the natural rivalries between our manufacturers, both on the race track and in the showroom,” NASCAR Vice President of Competition and Racing Development Robin Pemberton said. “We believe aligning the points system with the owner points will create better understanding for the entire industry and bolster interest and excitement with our fan base, which has shown intense manufacturer loyalty throughout the sport’s history.”

With the changes, for each race, points will be awarded to the highest finishing car/truck of each type (Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota), with the points tally mirroring those of the owner points and driver points systems in which a finishing position is worth a single point. For example, in a given race, if a Chevrolet wins, the highest finishing Ford is third and the highest finishing Toyota is sixth, Chevrolet would receive 43 points, Ford 41 and Toyota 38.

Bonus points will also be rewarded in a similar fashion to the owner and driver standings, based on the highest finisher for said manufacturer. The race-winning manufacturer will receive three bonus points. If a manufacturer’s highest-finisher led a lap, a bonus point will be received. If that finisher led the most laps, an additional bonus point will be awarded. In the case of a points tie at season’s end, the champion will be determined by number of wins. If there’s still a tie, the determining factor becomes second-place finishes, then third-place finishes. If there’s still a tie, the top manufacturer is determined by earliest win.

– Photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR

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