NASCAR fantasy Olympic bobsled teams

With the Winter Olympics now in full swing in Sochi, Ford Racing got into the spirit of the games by asking a few of its NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers — Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Joey Logano — to put together a fantasy bobsled team, of sorts, using only their favorite NASCAR competitors.

The four drivers were almost unanimous in their decisions to put a light driver up front. For that position, Stenhouse went with his girlfriend, Danica Patrick.

“She is super-light and can fit in there perfectly.”

Edwards opted to go with Stenhouse up front, while Biffle named Kyle Larson, both commenting on their choices’ small size. Biffle also threw out Kasey Kahne’s name as a small guy who’d be good up front.

Edwards, meanwhile, was a popular choice to be the back guy, primarily because of his high level of fitness.

“We need someone back there that is crazy-strong, so Carl is my pick for that.,” Stenhouse said.

Some choices seemed to come from logical reasoning, while others fell more on the humerous side. For example, Edwards mentioned Paul Menard’s name for reasons of facial hair.

“Paul Menard would be pretty good just because of that beard he has,” Edwards said. “That guy just looks like a winter Olympian, doesn’t he?”

In the end, though, Edwards opted to go with Aric Almirola instead.

Here’s who the drivers picked for their teams and their reasoning, if given:

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. — Danica Patrick (she’s small), Carl Edwards (he’s strong), himself, Jimmie Johnson (strong legs)

Greg Biffle — Kyle Larson (small and can drive), Ricky Stenhouse Jr., himself, Carl Edwards (strength). Alternate: Kasey Kahne (he’s small too)

Carl Edwards — Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (small size), himself, pit crew member Cameron Cobb, Arlmirola (strong and fast). Alternate: Paul Menard (wintery-looking facial hair)

Joey Logano — Carl Edwards (strength), Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart (he’s heavy), himself. NOTE: Logano insists on driving his bobsled, himself. He doesn’t trust anyone else.

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