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Hollywood couldn’t ask for a better script at the conclusion of last Sundays showdown with two laps left to the checkers.

Nine times out of ten, if you have a sniper of a restart king in Kyle Busch, he’s going to mow them down.

Which brings us to NASCAR’s next stop on the schedule, Martinsville.

This mostly flat paper clip shaped track has been on the schedule since God knows when and, actually, it’s been on the circuit since the birth of NASCAR in 1948.

So this track has some history, as it’s the shortest track the Sprint Cup drivers will race on.

At 0.526 miles long, drivers’ tempers will flare as back markers often clog the preferred racing line, which produces a term you will often hear on Sunday, the bump and run.

When patience gives way, it’s the only way a driver can pass and make his case, but it can also backfire as drivers often retaliate.

In my book, this is a wild card race, a fantasy manager’s nightmare and what do you expect when you have 43 cars in a blender? Chaos!

On the bright side, some drivers have done very well at the paper clip. Jimmie Johnson has the best average finish the past five years at 5.8 with two wins.

Jeff Gordon has the second best average the past five years at 7.0 with one win, and Denny Hamlin has the third best average finish at 9.3 with two wins the past five years. Those are the only drivers at under 10.0 for best average finish.

The pole position has been dominated by Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin with two poles and Jamie McMurray taking one pole.

Chevrolet has won four of the last five Martinsville races and Toyota has won one with Denny Hamlin.

It’s sad to hear about Hamlin, who has to be considered one of the favorites if his healthy. I do give updates on drivers if you follow me on Twitter.

Here’s the ten best at Martinsville the past five years:


10 Kyle Busch- 4 top 5s and 4 top 10s, avg finish 14.3.

9 Kevin Harvick- 1 win, 4 top 5s and 4 top 10s, avg finish 14.1.

8 Matt Kenseth- 2 top 5s and 3 top 10s, avg finish 13.0.

7 Carl Edwards- 3 top 10s, avg finish 12.4.

6 Clint Bowyer- 3 top 5s and 6 top 10s, avg finish 11.6.

5 Dale Earnhardt Jr- 2 top 5s and 5 top 10s, avg finish 10.9.

4 Brad Keselowski- 1 top 5 and 5 top 10s, avg finish 10.4.

3 Denny Hamlin- 2 wins, 3 top 5s and 5 top 10s, avg finish 9.3.

2 Jeff Gordon- 1 win, 5 top 5s and 6 top 10s, avg finish 7.0.

1 Jimmie Johnson- 2 wins, 5 top 5s and 6 top 10s, avg finish 5.8.

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