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NASCAR: The "Ring" After the Race

NASCAR history has proven that tempers flare on and off the track. We have seen drivers take action on the track with hits to the rear or side but once the race is over, it’s a right hook to the left followed with a few choice words. The adrenaline doesn’t stop once the driver slips out of the car; it continues rushing through the veins. A “mellow fellow” he is not.

NASCAR officials have been known to hand out stiff penalties following a fight. But what if, instead of a penalty or fine they offered drivers and crew members an opportunity to take it the ring, yes a boxing ring in the center of the infield? This could be NASCAR’s penalty sport event the RAR (“Ring “After the Race). Putting on gloves and working it out would be a hit, not just for drivers or crews, but for fans.

Most NASCAR fans and the press love those heated moments when a driver comes face-to-face with the other driver following a track mishap or deliberate crash. I’m not a violent person but I’ve got to be truthful, when I see Jeff Gordon or any other driver say what’s on his/her mind they are doing the talking for me. Like many, I watch the race from the sofa or stands and when my driver is wronged, I spout words that would leave mama shaking her head and covering her ears.

There are also cool-tempered drivers like David Ragan, who know that racing is racing and there will be wrecks and deliberate crashes, but to retaliate it won’t be happening for him. David has seen his share of crashes and yet not once have we seen him throw punches or spout heated words. According to Ken Ragan, “David usually follows up with a friendly call.”

But there are drivers out there that would do good in the “ring” after the race. What two drivers do you think would benefit from a match in the RAR?

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