Jun 6, 2014; Long Pond, PA, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (left) talks to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer (right) during qualifying for the Pocono 400 at Pocono Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Kyle Busch the Villain of NASCAR

I have never been one to defend either Busch brother but it seems that not a Sunday can pass us by during the season that someone isn’t aggravated with Kyle.  This week it is Kasey Kahne who is upset because of the wreck he feels Busch caused with 17 laps remaining at Pocono.  At this point I recommend we just chalk it up to another action by Busch that folks will be upset with.  Positive there are several folders full of those after his 11 seasons racing in the Sprint Cup.

Watching Kyle on the track may fire you up as it does with a majority of the drivers in the series but to be certain the kid does put wins in the books.  In 343 career starts in the Sprint Cup Series he has won 29 races and that is no small feat.  At this point in his career though it might be easier to just start articles before the weekend even begins with (Insert Driver) is mad at Kyle Busch for (Insert random perceived wrong on the track or off).

It makes one wonder is he going out of his way to be the villain of the sport?  Looking back through the history of NASCAR there have been numerous villainous characters and the only way it didn’t work well for those drivers was when they didn’t have the wins to back them up.  This sport almost necessitates a villain to make it more controversial.  As much as many long time fans would hate to admit it, Dale Earnhardt senior was considered a villain many a day on the track.  It was forgiven and forgotten quickly however when he kept winning championships.

As with most other things in this world, if you’d like to be a jerk you need to  be real dang great at what you do.  Nice guys don’t always finish last in the Sprint Cup series but we also have to think who can really be so nice while trying to win at over 100 mph?  Hate him or love him, everyone who has an invested interest in this sport has an opinion on Kyle Busch.  No matter what opinion that might be at least we all sure do like to discuss him come Monday mornings.

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