Kyle Busch, Like Him or Hate Him

You either like him or hate him, but you can’t deny that Kyle Busch is fun to watch because he gives 100% of himself to every race while taking the risks others don’t. Kyle has been quoted, “Win or go home.”  And I’m here to tell you he means it. He competes in and has mastered all three racing NASCAR Series, showing just how much he loves the race and winning.

Kyle was ready to race with the big boys when he was just 16 years old, but due to NASCAR rules he was sidelined until he turned 18. I’ve watched Kyle grow up over the past years. It’s been 10 years since Kyle earned the title NASCAR Nationwide Rookie of the Year, making history as the youngest rookie ever to win the title. It has been nine years since he earned the NASCAR Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year. To date, he has won 134 NASCAR races. He is a force to be reckoned with week after week.

Who holds the record for mastering all three levels, Nationwide, Sprint and Camping World Series? You guessed it, Kyle Busch. Kyle was the first driver in history to win all three in one weekend back in August of 2010 at Bristol. Once again,  Kyle showed no restraint when it came to winning.

If asked to describe Kyle’s driving, I’d have reply with resounding, dynamic, exciting and fast. Kyle isn’t liked by everyone and that’s okay. He has a strong fan base and he continues to gain new fans race after race. I asked my friends who don’t like Kyle as to why, and they said he appears cocky and comes across as arrogant. I say he is out to prove he is a winner and he isn’t afraid of doing what it takes to win.

I’ll be trackside again this weekend in Michigan watching Kyle do what he does best, race without fear. Like him or hate him, you can’t deny he makes the race fun to watch.

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  • Kenneth Kumerle

    Like him

    • Terry Peterson

      me too

  • jeffromac23

    I’m in the Kasey Kahne group here. My problem with Kyle is he thinks he’s the only one allowed to drive like him meaning that if someone drive him aggressively like he does everybody he gets upset and if I were him I would watch out for Kasey because if someone wrecked me in the ways that Kyle has him he has several coming from Kasey.

    • Terry Peterson

      Kyle just likes to do what it takes to win. Sometimes when he gets upset about other drivers being aggressive he is playing with their heads, it’s intimidation.

  • Terry Peterson

    Kyle kicks a** when racing. Butch is right you love him or hate him. Kyle is a killer driver wanting to win every race.