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Feb 13, 2014; Daytona Beach, FL, USA; Sprint Cup Series driver Michael Waltrip during media day for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Do or Don't: Listening to Michael Waltrip?

Nepotism can be a wonderful thing, if you are a member of the right family.  This old adage holds true in most sports however none make it quite as obvious as NASCAR.


After a total of 30 years racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series Michael Waltrip certainly has plenty of experience in proving that a well connected family tree is all you need.  After a whopping 776 career starts in the Cup series Michael has won a mere four races.


I’m not sure which industry you’re occupation is concerned with but I know in pretty much all of life a .51% average won’t keep a person employed.  Maybe for a year til a replacement might be found but certainly not for a three decade stint.

I reckon that this is why each and every time I see this guy offering up advice for new drivers to the sport I think “why in the world would anyone want his suggestions?”  It’s certainly not to say that I don’t think Michael Waltrip is a fine individual and seems to be a genuinely great guy.  His racing advice though should be taken with a grain of salt.

After all these years he spends most of the races yammering on in a television booth about what he thinks might possibly happen over the upcoming 500 laps.  That is swell, I am positive that it is a cushy gig to have but what simply befuddles me is why a huge organization such as NASCAR would want to employ someone with such little experience in victory lane over a bonafide Hall of Fame inductee.

Not all of the Sprint Cup Series drivers can be expected to set new records.  Fully understandable that some seasons will always be better than others.  I just simply can’t comprehend such a vast difference between a driver like Jeff Gordon who set the record with 11 poles in one season and Waltrip who captured a total of 4 poles in almost 800 starts.

There has got to be someone else out there in the vast world of NASCAR with far more experience at winning races who would also enjoy commentating on all of the racers today.  Every season that Waltrip has contended there have been at least 11 other drivers ahead of him points wise to check into.

With NASCAR constantly attempting to shake up any and everything that we know to be true about our sport why not change some of those minute details too.  Maybe if everyone watching were actually inclined to care about what the commentator has to say they wouldn’t watch all the races on mute.


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