Jun 1, 2014; Dover, DE, USA; A detailed view of Goodyear Eagle tires prior to the FedEx 400 at Dover International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Does Goodyear Even Research and Develop?



Throughout the past few years in the NASCAR racing community there have been few topics that most racing teams could all get together and agree on. There does appear one or two hot button issues that almost every camp can fight towards a common goal. The main two that I think of would be all the race teamslove Martinsville Speedway’s chili dogs and that they’d prefer another option for tires on race day.

For all of these teams there appears to be a new-found hope at the end of the tussle over the best tire manufacturer to be paired with NASCAR. A simple meeting between NASCAR big wigs and Michelin tires might be a small step in the right direction to testing the waters.

I can’t even remember a time that more than five or six races in the season could go by without there being several folks getting defensive about being forced to use the Goodyear tires. It hasn’t always been this way and I am really not understanding the logic behind this forced brand loyalty.

I would find it super swell if NASCAR would give me one of those good ol’ Helton and Pemberton approved messages on this subject. At least explain the thought process that they are using for such a monopolistic mentality within the sport. This is an American sport and I find it silly to mandate a tire that has consistently caused various different problems for all involved on Sunday afternoon.

It is apparent that NASCAR as a governing body has no problems with changing things on a fairly consistent basis. Youknow silly little things like the points systems and how the entire sport is organized at this level. But can you imagine them actually working to change what every team uses that is vital to basic necessities on a vehicle.

Instead of giving the public an even remotely sensible clue to the issues, reps for Goodyear have simply reiterated that the teams and certain drivers are just abusing their products.

I have yet to actually speak with any tires on this subject so I am not positive on any personal tire abuse stories. I have certainly noticed that this absolute reliance on the Goodyear tires seems to be upsetting more and more folks.

I won’t disagree that a tire can be tested on these tracks but honestly isn’t that the entire point of having a tire. What have the R & D team been working on at the Goodyear tire plant?


On the opposite side of the spectrum, maybe the brand doesn’t make a difference.  Maybe I am dead wrong on the topic.  It has certainly happened in the past, but at least give us the opportunity to test the theory.


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