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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR)

One thing for sure, NASCAR has its share of comedian drivers who enjoy pranking one another and others while having a good time kidding around during interviews. Who knows, when these guys are ready to retire from racing, they may very well have a second career in comedy.

I have to admit, I enjoyed watching Kevin Harvick prank  JR Motorsports Public Relations Rep. Tyler Overstreet. Right away, Overstreet felt something was off with the interview but wasn’t certain what it was until the end. Time after time, Kevin has pranked someone with a smoking car or truck and I still laugh at Austin Dillion getting pranked by Ty Dillion with Elliott Sadler with the  Lizard Lick Towing repo job on Austin’s truck; that prank gets me laughing every time.

It’s clear; Kevin and other drivers know how to have fun off the track. There’s one prank that has risen to the top of all pranks — Jeff Gordon taking a test drive with the car salesman, and if that wasn’t enough, he topped it off with Pepsi Max “Test Drive 2″. Staged or not, it has had more hits than any other NASCAR prank video on YouTube; plus it went viral, making the morning news and the late night talk shows. I watched many different videos provided by various drivers pranking fans, teammates, other divers and family members; this got me to thinking, what if they weren’t drivers, would they be comedians? I’ve taken liberty of pairing up famous comedians to the ever-so-funny and prankster drivers, based on their pranks or comments during interviews. This too, is just for fun.

Kevin Harvick = Bill Engvall, Jim Carry

Dale Jr. = Robin Williams, Jimmie Fallon, Billy Crystal

Jeff Gordon = Jeff Foxworthy, Kevin James

Joey Logano =Jim Carrey

Michael Waltrip = Soupy Sales, Robin

Williams Clint Bowyer = Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey

Tony Stewart =Jerry Lewis, Larry the Cable Guy

Kyle Busch = Adam Sandler

Danica Patrick =Goldie Hawn, Lucille Ball, Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres

If you find yourself having a bad day and in use of a laugh, be sure to Google your favorite driver for pranks or jokes and sit back and laugh. There are plenty to choose from on the web, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to brighten your spirits. Which driver would you link a comedian to?

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