Want To Blog?


Have you ever wanted to share your passion for sports through writing?  Have you ever wanted to blog about your favorite team or sport?  Have you wanted to write for Stock Car Spin?   Well, you can apply to become one of our many bloggers on the Fansided Network.

Currently, Stock Car Spin is looking for contributors to add to the NASCAR media accredited team.  Below are the following things that we are looking for (in which it includes one requirement) in contributors.

1.) Passion: We are looking for bloggers who are very passionate about the sport.  I believe that the more passion you have for something, the better writing you can produce.

2.) Knowledge:  We want knowledgeable bloggers who have knowledge about the sport of NASCAR.

3.) Once or Twice a Week Posting: This is self-explanatory.  We are looking for contributors that can write atleast 1-2 articles a week.  If you feel that you can do more,  then I can discuss this with you.

4.) File for NASCAR Media Accredibility:  The only requirement to becoming a contributor to the blog will be for you to file for accredibility as a member of the NASCAR media.  Stock Car Spin is a proud member of the NASCAR Media, and we want all our bloggers to file for credibility because you can get access to videos, photos, and emailed press releases that NASCAR gives out.  All of these assets from the NASCAR Media Group will help you out as you go to write your articles.   Once you officially join the site, I will email you with details on how to register for acredibility.

IF you think you are that kind of person who thinks blogging for Stock Car Spin is the right fit for you, then what in the world are you waiting for?  To get started with the application process, fill out the blogger application HERE.   Its only going to take you 5-10 minutes to fill out the application, and then write a short 300-500 word piece (with TOPIC RELEVANCE).

After applying, you should receive an email from the Fansided staff within 24-48 hours after submitting the application with their decision.   Hopefully after that, the owner of the site will be notified that you will be joining the team in which i will be in contact with you.

Thanks alot for applying, and I hope to see you write for Stock Car Spin in the future.